At least 146 people have been confirmed dead in Kebbi State as a result of cholera which continues to claim lives in parts of Nigeria.

Kebbi state authorities say at least 146 people have been confirmed dead after contracting the virus out of more than 2,000 people who could be identified.

The secretary of Sir Yahaya Hospital in Kebbi, Aminu Bunza, told Premium Times that 2,208 people have been infected across the state since the outbreak in Sakaba Local Government Area.

Bunza said after the outbreak in Dirin Daji in Sakaba Local Government Area, vomiting and diarrhea had now spread to 20 out of the 21  local government areas of the state.

The Nigerian Epidemiological Surveillance Agency on Monday said 816 people had died of the disease in Nigeria’s states.

Among the affected states are Kano with 119 deaths, Katsina with 75, Zamfara with 30 and Sokoto with 23