Amnesty International has expressed frustration over the failure of the Federal Government of Nigeria to provide adequate security to the people of the country. .

According to Amnesty International, 112 people have been killed in one month in violence in Nigeria’s Kaduna and Plateau states.

The group said in a statement that in addition to those killed in the clashes, another 160 had been abducted by gunmen.

Amnesty added that clashes between Fulani and herdsmen had also claimed many lives.

The human rights group also said the Nigerian government appeared to be making no move to ensure security in the country, given the indiscriminate kidnappings and terrorist attacks on villages almost daily.

Amnesty International also noted that at least 78 people were killed and 160 were abducted between July 3 and August 5 in Kaduna State, including 121 at Bethel Baptist School.

In Plateau State, 34 people were killed, 7 of them herdsmen, on July 1 in Dogon Gaba and two Fulani killed in Fusa village on their way to search for their lost cattle.