Muhammad Sani Takori, mni The Columnist

By Muhammad Sani Takori, mni

To forgive they said is divine
to forget is natural. The politics in our dear state is getting confusing every day. Though, each of the actors is nursing unpardonable grievances yet the hate for one person put them together. From H E Yarima to H E Mahmud Aliyu shinkafi unpardonable grievances of the removal of emir of Bakura is certainly an unpardonable crime that H E Yarima may died with it as an assault to the entrie Dankwai family.

H E Matawalle was also a victim of his now house boy. Who promised few years ago to pay five hundred thousand to any one who bring a picture of H E Bello Matawalle praying. H E Matawalle replied him well in decamping event at Maradun in 2011. Senator Hassan Nasifa was also a victim after the master tried to Blamed him for poor work of distilling Gusau barage which one billion was borrowed 80milliion cubic tones of sands was the original contract but after that the water volume became worst.

The totality of the aim of the enemy in solidarity is to see that H E Abdul Aziz is down. Their behaviour does not reflect their faith. Allah (SWA) had taught us that every creation had a divine fortune and no one can stop him from getting that fortune.

The conspiracy is not for Yari a
lone ,but some of them for image laundering under the shade of now their former v no one enemy who Allah has destined him to be the Governor of Zamfara state . Reflect back since 2011 what was his relationship with them. I can pick each one of them and narrate his harate for the present governor.

The most worst part of it is that the Governor himself refused to realised that, their objective is to divert his attention from going a head with project he inniciated and later use it to campaign against him.

H E matawalle shall not forget the vacioustly of his new house boy . He is looking for revenge for his defeat not only in his local government, his ward ,but also his polling units in superior forced of H E Matawalle. he had a history of losing election at his maternal and paternal local governments.

He should take a lesson from his new house boy and his former beloved son. I look at the group many of them romancing him were his victim. But Allah in his mercy had blessed them on their exile to Abuja. To day they all embraced him with renew love and loyalty.

Islam told us that a true lover of Allah will not allowed him self to be sting twice from the same hole.

This up date is perhaps my fare well from the face book but . But I promised you that , I will give you details of all of us and the part we played positively or negatively since the creation of Zamfara state. from assets sharing to how the assets were squandered.

The most disheartening is the missing of 192 low cost houses we received as part of our share from sokoto state . The houses in Victoria inland adeoyola Adeku. and those in Kaduna . these documents are within my reached.

follow me and listen well. The conspirators are your heroes to day .