Kabul, capital of Afghanistan

By Lawal Umaru Bungudu

In the name of Allah the all mercif
ull the most mercifull.
Oh Allah ,we invoke you to give salutations to Muhammad your servant & messenger and to his household members.
In the recent days, the world watched with indifference, folded arms and twisted tongues, the develpments in an Asian country called Afghanistan.

You may read about this country in history books or more easily in Google platform to know more about this country,as this piece is not going to give such details.

What is, however, plain and clear to the world is the confirmation of FAITH, RESOLVE,TENACTIY & WILL of its oppressed peoples.

For over forty years,the ‘ each of the two Super powers of East and West( arrogantly),at different times tried to subjugate these ‘weak, backward,uncivilized’ peoples.

These oppressed peoples stood up,poorly armed,ill- equipped, tattered,with little formal education,to resist the domination of the wicked colonisers.

Twenty years back,they had a shortlived success which was nipped in the bud by the arrogant world coalition.

” But they never lost heart in the wake of that disaster that befell them in Allah’s way,nor did they weaken( in will),nor give in…..”..And Allah gave them a reward in this world,and the excellent reward of the hereafter. For Allah loves those who do good.(Quran 3:146-8).

We,now have seen,the triumph from Allah; the promise of Allah,come true. What remains is for these in coming leaders to do as Allah commands: Worship Him alone,establish regular prayer,give zakat,enjoin the right and forbid the wrong!
With the new dispensation in Afghanistan,the hope rises for those hopeful of change; the weak and oppressed among men,women and children.

Let us wake up, be steadfast. With piety and perseverance, victory from Allah- the Mighty,the Merciful is certain to come.