By: Bello Galadi,
Bandit means “an armed thief who is usually a member of a band”.
In my opinion, there are more other definitions of the word ‘Bandit’.

If you are an informant for the Bandits, you are also a Bandit.
If you know someone whose business is banditry and you refused to report him to the security agents, you are also a Bandit.

As a security agent, if you killed a Bandit in the forest and you made away with his herd of cattle or gun or motorcycle or any of his valuables, you are also a Bandit.

As a traditional ruler, if you associate or receive gift of whatever nature from a Bandit, you are equally a Bandit.

If you are influential in the government, you used the opportunity and persuaded the government into payment of ransom to the Bandits and you received your share of the ransom from the Bandits, you are also a Bandit.

As a Judge, if you received any gift, gratification or corruption from a Bandit, you are also a Bandit.
As a Lawyer, if you received N1 million instead of N100, 000 from a client as your professional fees, knowing him to be a Bandit, you are also a Bandit.

As a leader, if you make so much noise without commensurate result, you are also a Bandit.
If you belong to the opposition party and you feel happy whenever Bandits attacked a community, you are a Bandit.

Trust me, there are more Bandits that you can imagine. Almost all of us are involved, directly or indirectly. Check yourself- are you or you are not?
I am of the humble view that Bandits and all their collaborators, no matter how highly placed in the society, should be shot in public to serve as deterrence to others.

Barr. Bello Galadi

There is no business enterprise that is booming and profitable as banditry at the moment. We must come together to deal with it before it consumes us all.
Bello Galadi, Former Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Gusau Branch (covering Zamfara State) and President of Bello Galadi Foundation.

Barr. Bello Galadi is a former Chairman Nigeria Bar Association, NBA, Gusau and Bello Galadi Foundation