A Kannywood actress identified as Sadiya Haruna has been arrested and detained by the Kano State Hisbah Board for uploading sexual contents on her social media platform.
The head of Surveillance Department of Kano State Hisbad Board, Aliyu Usman had initially arrested the actress in her residence at Kabuga Quarters on Friday.

The Islamic police on Monday detained Haruna when she was brought before the Sharia court sitting in Sharada area of the state.

The case filed against her had it that the actress had been posting indecent videos where she was dancing seductively and making sexual comments on her social media platform.

Haruna pleaded guilty to a one-count charge of obscenity and indecent act, which contradicts section 355 of Penal Code Law 2000.

The presiding judge, Justice Ali Jibril Danzaki ordered her to attend a Darul Hadith Islamiyya session at Tudun Yola Quarters for a period of six months as the sentencing for her offence.

Justice Danzaki added that her Islamiyya attendance will be monitored by the school head teacher and the Hisbah command. (Observers time)