According to a report released by the Lagos-based Research Firm, SB Morgen, Bauchi has the highest number of out-of-school Children in Nigeria with figures rising to 1, 239, 759, while Katsina state became second with 873,633 out-of-school children.

Figures from the report indicated Kano as the third state with 837,479 and while Kaduna as the fourth state with 652,990 out-of-school children in Nigeria. While Zamfara state is the 12th state with highest number of out-of-school children in Nigeria.

Edo is the least state with number of out-of-school kids in Nigeria with 79,446 figure as indicated by the report.

The high raise for the number of out of school children in northern Nigeria will not be unconnected with issue of frequent and massive kidnapping of school children that forced some northern governments to shut down schools.

The figures indicating the number of children out of school by states are said to have sourced from the Federal Ministry of Education by SB Morgen; and are presented in descending order as follows:

BAUCHI: 1,239,759

KATSINA: 873,633

KANO: 837,479

KADUNA: 652,990

GOMBE: 567,852

KEBBI: 484,702

ADAMAWA: 483,702

NIGER: 478,412

OYO: 463,280

SOKOTO: 462,164

YOBE: 405,100

ZAMFARA: 383,952

BENUE: 383,022

TARABA: 338,975

BORNO: 266,178

OSUN: 260,222

PLATEAU: 258,256

LAGOS: 229,264

NASARAWA: 204,771

RIVERS: 196,581

A’ IBOM: 194,018

DELTA: 181,995

KOGI: 169,316

OGUN: 158,797

EBONYI: 151,000

KWARA: 141,325

CROSS RIVER: 140,944

IMO: 125,414

FCT: 121,587

ENUGU: 117,091

ONDO: 113,746

EKITI: 99,778

ANAMBRA: 92,332

BAYELSA: 86,778

ABIA: 86,124

EDO: 79,446