In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful.
May the benedictions of Allah be on Muhammad,the ummiyyi prophet and messenger of Allah and on his family.
Afghanistan,a land so obscure and considered a pariah state has suddenly become a household name. Virtually,every literate fellow on earth has pronounced it, at least once and can hardly make a mistake spelling it!It has outshone even the names of any of the presidents capitals of all world.Astonishingly so,not for a crime but for a MIRACLE foretold by no other than the QURAN!I am not saying A- F- G-H- A- N-S-T-A-N is literally mentioned in the the Quran!No!
I began to hear and read about this landlocked,ancient world called Afghanistan in the 1980s,only to recently discover that King & Prophet Solomon ‘s influence had extended there. In the 1980s,it was a country invaded by the Soviet Republic. I read with keen observation the how they resisted the attempted subjugation by the Eastern block superpower.Handsome,bearded ,poor People on snow-covered mountains with rifles facing the ugly tanks and air power of their oppressors.We saw how these oppressors were scared and forced to retreat by these’ uncivilsed’ underdeveloped,backward,reactionary mullahs(sic).
Barely settled,another coalition of oppressors came in with another pretext to nip in the bud this budding free nation,-a model for future vibrant society. Again,they were forced back to the mountains to take arms and fight back.This is a background to my narration.
Now let us see,in my view how the word of Allah is working in Afghanistan.
1. The people of Afghanistan rose to defend themselves from the beginning. They were not trangressors! They were invaded by a cruel enemy attempting to snatch their faith,freedom and impose a sterile,abhorrent ideology on them; an Ideology that is now in the dust bin of history.They were justified: Allah says:
أ ذن للذين يقاتلون بأ نهم ظلموا وإن لله علي نصرهم لقدير.أ لذين أخرجوا من ديارهم بغير حق الا أ ن يقولوا ربنا الله.
2.Afghans are Beleivers;
They are on the Right,the Opressors are on the Wrong:
ألذين ءا منوا يقا تلون في سبيل الله والذين كفروا يقا تلون في سبيل الطا غوت
3. Allah commands that Believers should fight the Friends of the Satan,.Surely the plot of Shaytan is ever weak.
فقا تلوا أوليا ء الشيطا ن إن كيد الشيطا ن كا ن ضعيفا.
4.Therefore,they were not the ‘ real fighters,Allah is Fighter!
فلم تقتلواهم و،لكن الله قتلهم.
5. The oppressors plotted against the party of Allah( Afghans) and Allah plotted against the party of satan,and Allah is the best of plotters.
ومكروا ومكر الله،والله خير الما كرين.
6. The Oppressors were deceived by their strength( physical& numerical),they did not take lessons from the battle of Badr and other battles,the Afghans put ti?their trust in Allah.

7. The Oppressors took to their heels in both episodes: 1980s & presently(21 century A.D.). The defeat was typical of that of all the wins from Adam،Nuh,Ibrahim,Musa,David etc ( a.s.),divine& physical.
8.Allah’s promise got fulfilled:
وعد الله الذين ءا منوا منكم و عملوا الصالحا ت ليستخلفنهم في الا رض …
9. Allah withheld the hands of all the oppressors,thus the Afghans regained every inch of their land stunningly fast and with least or no resistance and blodshed.Is this not a Qur anic miracle repeated? Read Surah al Fat-h!
10. Against the background of their ‘ defeat’ in 2001,they lost no heart,nor weakened,instead,they learned from their’ mistakes and faults’ they persevered now they come with amends,not compromising their Faith in Allah.Now they have TWO rewards: in this world and the world to come!
11. Read Surah Al hashr to learn about how Allah humiliates those who oppose Allah and His messenger. Such is exactly replicated in Afghanistan with the speed of light. All arrogant powers ,the hypocrites are thronging the airport and the Afghan land borders to flee. Is Kabul going to be a replica of Madinatu rasulillah? It is our wish and desire!
Readers,I believe you were not happy with what happened in Afghanistan in 2001. Now,I believe,all believers are happy with what happened in Afghanistan just before 9/11/2021.
و يومءذ يفرح المؤ منون. بنصر الله، ينصر من يشا ء وهوالعزيز الرحيم
That is the word of Allah in action!
Now ,we MUST re affirm our belief in Allah,His Messenger,His books,Angels and the Hereafter,having seen His word come true. Never should we fail to call a spade a spade! Never should we shy from our faith.