Governor Nasir El-Rufa’i

Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State, says electronic voting is possible in Nigeria, with the right determination.

According to him, the success recorded in the last Local Government election conducted via eletronic voting in the state, was a demonstration that it was possible across the country.

The governor made the statement in a statewide broadcast on Wednesday to thank the people of the state state for giving the All Progressive Congress (APC), victory at the polls.

He explained that the election had placed Kaduna State as the first in Nigeria to use electronic voting and first subnational in Africa to do so.

“The local government elections of 4th September 2021 further validated the Kaduna State Government’s decision to invest in Electronic Voting Machines to promote electoral integrity and transparency, El Rufai said.

“Kaduna state is proudly upholding a new chapter in elections in Nigeria, using electronic voting technology, championed by a government that is determined to respect the outcome, win or lose,” he posited.

“As governor of Kaduna state, I have always taken the view that we all win when democracy triumphs.”