Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has offered to help Anthony Joshua gear up for his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua lost his heavyweight world titles to Usyk and the pair will go at it once more in the spring.

For 32-year-old Joshua, the fight will be career-defining, with victory opening up a path to take on Tyson Fury in what would be one of the most lucrative fights of all time.

While defeat would leave him a long and possibly insurmountable mountain back to the top of the sport.

Joshua has moved to America to train for the bout and is on the lookout for new ideas to help atone for the loss, and the 55-year-old Tyson has offered his services.

“That’d be an honour, Not to fight, but to help each other, that’d be awesome,” Tyson said.

Tyson also had encouraging words for Joshua and another fallen heavyweight world champion, Deontay Wilder, who was beaten twice by Tyson Fury.

“Joshua has so much potential, he should not be depressed. Him and (Deontay) Wilder should not be depressed and give up on the world.”

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn said Tyson’s input would always be welcome.
“Of course, he’s been there, he’s seen it, he’s done it all,” Hearn said, before joking: “No sparring though.”

Tyson is hoping to fight again in the spring himself, having returned to the ring in an exhibition bout last year against Roy Jones Jr. “God willing I’ll fight again in February,” he said.