Ahmed Attahir Gusau 

Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State has written a letter of request to the United Nations (UN) over deteriorating socio economic sectors of the State.

The Governor has also stated that deteriorating sectors has led to the poor Education,health care services and food security in the State. 

This was disclosed during the workshop organized by Zamfara State ministry of budget and economic planning in collaboration with United Nations International Children Education Fund (UNICEF ) for lawmakers,sole administrators,CSO and media held at R&K Hotel kano.

 According to the UNICEF Chief Field office,Sokoto Maulid Warfa Zamfara Governor had written to UN for Humanitarian support.

“The deputy General Secretary of the UN had recently received a request of humanitarian support from the governor of Zamfara where he lamented the deteriorating condition of the socio and Economic sectors of the state which led to poor education and health care services delivery including food insecurity”.

According to him, UNICEF and other UN organizations are currently reviewing the document submitted by the governor in order to identify areas of synergy and resources mobilization for humanitarian action and system strengthening for restoration of the economy and social services to the people of the state.

The Chief of the field office emphasize on the need for huge investment on human capital development as a strategy towards stemming security challenges facing the country.

The Zamfara State government in collaboration with United Nations International Children Education Fund (UNICEF) organized the sensitization workshop for stakeholders in the State.

The State  commissioner for budget and economic planning Alhaji  Tukur Aliyu ES said the workshop was organized to build capacity of the local government leadership and Zamfara State house of Assembly committee members on Budget concept, Annual budget preparations, procedures, New National chart account, Child poverty situation, Public Finance investment for children in childhood development and midterm expenditures framework,

The commissioner urged stakeholders to support the government initiative and measures that are considered  to develop the capacity of stakeholders in the State. 

He assured that, the present administration was making effort that would help in reviving education and health in the state.