A former speaker of the House of Representatives Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has said Nigeria needs a leader who recognises that “compassion is not tossing a coin at a beggar, but rather pulling down the system that produces beggars” to overcome its challenges.

He said the country’s leadership must do everything to save Nigeria from becoming another Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Dogara asserted that “true leadership is knowing that the real problem is what we demand and what we do not demand; it believes history does not just happen to us, but we make history happen and that not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

In a keynote address at a two-day summit organised by Sultan Maccido Institute for Peace and Development Studies, Abuja, Dogara said the battle to build a peaceful Nigeria must be that from the minds of the people.

The summit with the theme, “Peace and development in Nigeria: The pragmatic approach”, stressed the need for Nigeria to rise at different levels of leadership to halt the present trajectory before heading to full implosion and eventual extinction.

In a press release issued by his media aide, Turaki Hassan, the former speaker said every problem comes with its own solution, but it takes only those looking for the solution to find it. He described the summit as a positive indicator that the leadership is prepared in line with “our civic duties to be up in arms against problems stultifying our development and advancement as a nation.”

While warning against turning Nigeria into a killing field and another ground for proxy warfare like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, among others, he called for the adoption a permanent solution to an ephemeral problem.

He queried, “How can the solution to our myriads of problems be a collective national suicide? It baffles me that even smart people think in these terms. We must therefore proceed with caution. Yes, our national challenges are great but the promise of Nigeria is greater.”