The Emir of Daura, HRH, Faruk Umar Faruk, has married a 20-year-old bride, Aisha Iro Maikano, on Saturday.

Born in 1931, the nonagenarian manther tied the knot in a low key marriage ceremony in Katsina with the nubile young lady after a brief courtship.

The monarch paid N1million naira dowry to the bride, who is the daughter of Fagacin Katsina, Iro Maikano.

Sources said the serial polygamist has married not less than four young wives in the last six years.

In a short video posted online, the jubilant bride was seen dancing to the tune of a traditional music.

Another short video shows how Magajin Garin Daura, Musa Umar, represented the emir at the Wedding Fatiha.