Sagir Musa (Deaf) on Hospital Bed

By Sulaiman Tudu

Sagir Musa, 17 years old, has attempted to commit suicide by deeply cutting his throat using a knife on Sunday at Wanzamai village of Tsafe local government area in Zamfara state.

Sagir who was born with a special need (deaf) is a primary 4 pupil Schooling at School for Special Education, Gusau.

The incident happened while school children are staying at home after the closure of all schools in Zamfara state last year due to rising cases of banditry and kidnapping in the state.

Sagir Musa who is currently receiving medical treatment at Federal Medical Centre, Gusau after a surgery is recovering from the self-inflicted injury he sustained.

SMART NEWS has spoke with Halisu Musa, an elder brother to the victim who is taking care of him at the hospital and has narrated how the incident happened.

“The incident happened on Sunday (January 2, 2022) at around 6am when he (Sagir Musa) was waken-up by his mother to observe Subh (Morning) prayer. He immediately picked a water can to perform ablution before his mother left.

“Few minutes later, he screamed and his mother quickly come to check what is going on, only to found him holding a knife, in a pool of blood with his throat slitted deeply!”

When asked about what was the reaction and medical advice they received from the doctors on the matter, he said, “they told us that the surgery was successful and he is just suffering from depression. They also advised that after he fully recovered, we should carry him to a psychiatric hospital for further examination of his mental health condition.”

Malam Ibrahim Sani, the vice principal of School for Special Education, Gusau says the school was contacted by parents of the child and a sign language interpreter was sent to the hospital to bridge the communication gap between the doctors and the deaf-child and in order to assist them to examine the victim properly.

Malam Sani told SMART NEWS that the boy told him (using sign language) that he took the decision to kill himself because he is “being bullied by [his] peers at home when [he] followed them to an Islamic school.

He observed that even at the school, “the boy is very silent most a times and only carried away by school activities.”

When contacted by the SMART NEWS, the Divisional Police Officer, Tsafe Police Division, DSP. Surajo Ibrahim said, his division is aware of the development only that they want to ensure that the life of the child is saved first before proceeding to investigate the matter.

“Since it was an emergency situation, we want to ensure that the life of the child is saved first before we proceed with our investigation. We will investigate the matter to its logical conclusion,” he pledged.