January 31, 2022 heralded the demise of One the Finest Natural Rulers in Zamfara State , HRH Alhaji Sama’ila Muhammad Ari II, the first Second Class Emir of Moriki at the age of 73 and whose 26 years rule witnessed the tranformation of the Emirate in many facet of human endeavors.

His appointment as the District Head of the then Moriki District in April, 1996 was One of the first and foremost function conducted by HRM, The Sultan Of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Maciɗɗo Abubakar III (of blessed memory) after ascending the throne of his Forebears in the same month of April, 1996. May Allah SWT grant them Jannatil Firdausi as their final abode, amin.

Six days to his 43rd Birthday ( having born on February 12, 1979) the mantle of Leadership beckoned on his Son, Alhaji Bashir Sama’ila Muhammad Ari II who was subsequently appointed as the 11th Ruler and Second Emir of Moriki Emirate by Zamfara State Executive Governor, Alhaji Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun MON on the 6th of February, 2022.

With his appointment to succeed his father , HRH Alhaji Bashar Sama’ila Muhammad Ari II therefore became a Scion of two noble famalies whose unity began in the Pre-Jihad Period of the 19th Century great Islamic Reformer, Sheikh Uthman Bn Fodio(RA) to mount the saddle of this important entity of One the Forebearers of the Jihad Internal Flags (Zurmi, Ƙaura Namoda and Moriki ) given to Malam Abu Amil and Malam Muhammad Namoda).

From Partenal side, HRH Alhaji Bashar is the Son of the 10th Ruler of Moriki, Alhaji Sama’ila Muhammad Ari II whose father, Muhammad Aliyu Ari I was the 9th Ruler.

Muhammadu Aliyu Ari I belong to the lineage of Malam Umaru Ɗanjeka the Son of Abu Muhammad bn Kunkuru bn Isau, the Paramount Ruler/Founder of The Sarkin Zamfaran Zurmi Dynasty that produced Malam Abu Amil and Malam Muhammad Namoda, the two recipients of the Jihad Internal Flags in the Eastern section of Sokoto Caliphate . Malam Umaru Ɗanjeka Founded Moriki in the 1850s.

On the Maternal side, Sarkin Ɓurmin Moriki Alhaji Bashar Sama’ila Muhammad Ari II was born by Hajiya A’isha ( Nasara) the Daughter of Malam Ladan who was the Son of Sarkin Bauran Isa, Isa District of Sokoto State , Malam Ahmadu whose father was the 3rd Sarkin Gobir (District Head) of Isa, Malam Abdurrahaman the Son of Sarkin Gobir of Isa , Malam Aliyu Ƙarami who later became the Sultan Of Sokoto and who was the Son of Amirulmuminin Muhammad Bello bn Sheikh Uthman Bn Fodio (RA). ‘Gaba da baya ƙarfin Doki’.

He is equipped for the job because apart from this natural affiliation, HRH Alhaji Bashar Sama’ila Muhammad Ari II is vast in Islamic Knowledge and holds a Bachelors Degree in History from Usman Ɗanfodio University, Sokoto, this is in addition to his good Human /Public Relations that endear him to the People of the Emirate.

He joined the services of Zamfara State Government in 2005 as Administration/Personnel Officer and was the Deputy Director , Human Resources Ministry of Enviroment &Solid Minerals Development, Gusau , Director, Human Resources Zamfara State Emergency Management Agency and served in the same capacity in the Rural Water & Sanitation Agency before he was moved to the State Schools Feeding Commission as Director of Administration and later acted as its Chairman before the appointment of substantive Chief Executive Officer of the Commission. He remained at the Commission as Director of Administration until February 6, 2022 when he was appointed as the 11th Ruler and Second Emir of Moriki with the title of his forefathers ‘Sarkin Ɓurmi’.

The famous Hausa Singer, Ibrahim Narambaɗa Tubali said in One of his songs he composed for his Grand father, the 9th Ruler of Moriki, Late Sarkin Ɓurmi Alhaji Muhammad Aliyu Ari I ( who reigned from 1944 to 1995) “Gwarzo ka haihwa gwarzo, ba kwankwato halin Uba gashi ga ɗa nai”.

Allah ya jiƙan magabatan mu, ya ja kwanan Mai Martaba Sarki, ya sanya albarka a cikin riƙon sa, amin.

Ibrahim Muhammad, Dan Madamin Birnin Magaji writes from Zamfara State and can be reach at birninbagaji4040@gmail.com +234 814 938 8452

February 9, 2022.