By Ibrahim Kaulahi, Gusau

A Chieftain of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Zamfara State, Alhaji Abu Nakwada has formally declared intention to contest for the office of Governor in the 2023 gubernatorial election in the state.

In a press conference at Army Command Guest Inn Gusau today (Monday), Nakwada said he was accosted by the Zamfara State Rescue Initiative Organization seeking him to answer it’s call for the service with a view to rescue the state from total collapse.

Nakwada, who informed that, the ‘Rescue Initiative’ has purchased a nomination form and handed over to him in Abuja, said he was convinced and finally agreed to contest for the position he was accosted upon.

“After consultations with critical stakeholders, I have made up my mind to answer the clarion call and contest for the post of Governor of Zamfara state, and I believed together we can make it.

“I saw it a duty to resign on the purpose to help my state out of obstacles with regard to lingering security challenges that put people into abject poverty, hunger and unemployment that compelled large number of them into begging as dispersed IDPs.

The aspirant has accepted the challenge considering the level of crisis in the leadership institution and also alleged lack of focus for the sustainable development which brought serious setback to genuine development in the state.

He blamed the past and present leadership for not been vibrant and selfless to resolving the social crisis affecting the people, and also for nor setting a genuine agenda for the transformation of the state.

He further lamented that, the unsecured situation has influenced virtually other sectors of life, therefore his priorities have been set by the circumstances on the ground. “We will give maximum attention to solving the security challenges before any other”.

“Findings have shown that most of our people live their daily lives with just the barest minimum, where they are burdened with too many challenges that could not enable them live a comfortable life”.

On his agenda, Nakwada said will stand firm to revive education, create job opportunities and also strengthen the hope of the majority of Zamfara people who are farmers by reviving agriculture which in his views is in state of shamble.

He assured, if given the opportunity, he will work with the Zamfara Rescue Initiative to design an agenda that will truly respond to the critical socio-economic demand of the people.

“I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the overwhelming support to me since the beginning of this endeavor. I can only repay this kind gesture by ensuring that, visible improvements are achieved in your living standards once I get to the government house in 2023 by the grace of Almighty God” Nakwada concluded.