Former Manchester United defender, Patrice Evra visited the popular Oshodi underbridge in Lagos State on Saturday.

Evra visited Oshodi as part of the Chess in Slums initiative by founder, Tunde Onakoya.

On Thursday, Onakoya had announced on Twitter that a Manchester United legend would be visiting the Oshodi underbridge to play chess with less fortunate kids, asking his followers to guess who it was.

He wrote, “A Manchester United legend/former captain and a UEFA Champions League winner will be coming to play Chess against some of the kids in our academy at Oshodi underbridge. Can you guess who it is?”

There were many guesses as to who it would be until Friday evening when Evra, referring to the nickname Nigerian football fans gave him, revealed in a video that he would be visiting Lagos, Nigeria.

“Breaking news! Evra bus stop will stop in Nigeria for the first time ever,” Evra announced.

During the visit Evra added that he was also homeless while growing up and that he “begged for money in front of shops” when he was homeless as a youngster in Paris, but insists he “wouldn’t change anything about his upbringing” because it helped him to develop a strong character.