Dr Ahmad Abubakar Gumi has described the sermon of Shiekh Nuru Khalid, Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, Abuja, as a misplaced judgement, which is “worse than kidnappings.”

Sheikh Khalid has been in the news since he was suspended after delivering a sermon on insecurity on Friday.

In the sermon, the Sheikh had criticized Buhari’s government over its failure to tame the escalating insecurity and killings in the country.

The imam also faulted Buhari for failing to visit and console victims affected during the recent Abuja-Kaduna train attack, while also suggesting some measures the electorate should devise should the authorities fail to protect their lives.

He said, “Nigerian masses should resort to only one term which is – protect our lives, we will come out to vote; let us be killed, we will not come out to vote, since it’s only elections that you people know,” he had said.

The mosque committee suspended the Sheikh and subsequently sacked him.

Reacting to the suspension during a chat with Daily Post, on Monday, Gumi described Sheikh Khalid’s sermon as a “misplaced judgement” because “calling masses not to vote incompetent government is worse than the few kidnappings.”

“It’s a case of sentiments overriding intellect. Calling masses not to vote out incompetent government by massive voting is worse than the few kidnappings, and a misplaced judgment,” he was quoted to have said.