In a statement signed by the Special adviser to the Governor on Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications, Zailani Bappa said,

“The intention of His Excellency to allow his personal telephone number dwell in public dormain is for effective monitoring of security matters and for grassroot developmental issues.

He has also made it a habit to monitor social media and online media to personally feel the pulse of the people in order to further shape the priorities of his administration according to the wishes and aspirations of his people.

However, some careless people have more than once abused this privilege by adding His Excellency’s number to irrelevant social media platforms without permission.

For obvious Security reasons, nobody is directed henceforth, that nobody is allowed to add this number to any social media platform without recourse to the Office of the Special Adviser, Directorate of Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications.”

Zailani Bappa
Special Adviser
Public Enlightenment, media and Communications.