By Abdullahi Alhassan Kaduna.

The National Working Commitee and the entire leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has been warned not to jeopardize it’s chances of winning the 2023 General Election nor put Nigeria’s future into uncertainty by fielding candidates that would turn out to work for the ruling party or candidates that would not command the respect of the electorates.

This warning was issued by a Congress of Northern Groups called Arewa Frontier Movement on Thursday ahead of the screening of PDP Presidential aspirants this weekend .

According to the group, the warning is imperative in view of moves made by some old, expired and recalcitrant politicians whose influences are warning but who seek to impose themselves on the party.

The group warned that there are some politicians who have jumped from one party to virtually all other parties in search of the presidency and despite the being rejected by the electorates because they have no electoral value, they are still bent on imposing themselves on the PDP .

The statement continued , such politicians were responsible for the breakup of PDP in 2014 and they went ahead to form the APC which oust the PDP from power in 2023 .

“Today, these politicians are back in the PDP for no obvious reasons except to seek for power for self adulation .
Such politicians are not Patriots and have the capacity to destabilizing our great party and country .

“We urge the delegates and NWC to put the party and the country before their aspirations and to choose wisely .

Furthermore, GETUP warned the NWC members, stakeholders and PDP delegates not to consider giving party tickets to candidates that were indicted by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission or any other international related bodies with bad records.

According to the group giving presidential, legislative and governorship slots to candidates who have series of allegation hovering over them may well turn out to be an albatross on the party . Firstly, the PDP would be ridiculed for fielding corrupt candidates and such candidates would be subject of efcc investigation which may cost the party the election.

In addition, the group also warned against alienating the South East by choosing candidates outside the South East geopolitical zone . It noted that in 2019, all candidates from the South East, South West, South South stepped down in respect of the zoning arrangement .

However, certain persons are now agitating that the party should do away with zoning stating where the President comes from matters less. These dishonest persons knows too well their hypocritical gestures stinks and their own conscience opposed to their current stance.

It further warned if the South East is shortchanged, the PDP risked loosing the 2023 Presidential elections as over 45% of the PDP supporters are domiciled in that geopolitical zone. Moreso, other democrats within the PDP that are not in sync with such mischief would probably boycott the election or vote the APC in protest .

In the interest of national unity and the survival of the PDP it is imperative that the PDP do the right thing. Good a thing 99% of the aspirants from the Southeast are competent and a few has head ups in credentials above others from the other zones.