An Islamic Scholar in Zamfara state, Dr. Bello Janbako has called on the youths to be productive and fend for themselves instead of wasting their time on Politicians who are not interested in their progress.

Dr. Janbako who spoke during the closing of this year’s Ramadan Tafsir at the Imam Malik Jumuat Mosque Damba Gusau said it was high time for the youths to look for the ways on how to become self reliant and stop wasting their time following politicians who would only use them during campaign rallies.

Dr Janbako said, “youths are being used by politicians during campaign and later abandon when they come to power”.

He stressed that, as 2023 was fast approaching, the target of most of the politicians is to use the youths to win elections, lamenting however that, immediately after the election, the youths would be dumped by the politicians.

Dr. Janbako vividly remembered that in the 70s, the youths were given scholarship to study both within and outside the country, lamenting however that, “this gesture is no more available”.

He maitained that, the scholarship was no more available, a situation which he said was responsible for moral decadence among the youths.

“Many governments have completed stopped giving scholarship to students and do not care much about the welfare of our teeming youths”. Said Dr. Janbako.

He therefore urged the youths to look for any job even if it means washing of cars in order to pay for their studies instead of following politicians who did not care much about their future.

“I know a student who engages in a menial job and was able to sponsor himself up to the university level”.

He has successfully completed his degree course and is now doing his national service in one of the states in the country”.

“So I am calling on our youths to change their attitude and stop wasting their time on the politicians who are only interested in the welfare and education of their own children”.

Dr. Janbako also charged the Muslim Ummah to always fear God in all their dealings, calling on them to seek refuge from Allah instead of relying on their fellow human beings.

“I am calling on the Muslim Ummah to always depend on Allah and should repent so that they could attract Allah’s blessings”.

He also advised the Muslim Ummah to respect their Islamic clerics and stop criticizing them no matter the circumstances.

Dr Janbako finally prayed to Allah to reward the state’s commissioner for local governments, Alhaji Abubakar Sarkin Pawa Sambo for his effort in reconstructing the Imam Malik Jumuat Mosque.

He called on the residents of the area to also pray for the commissioner for his wonderful contribution to the area, concluding that, “the commissioner deserves commendation”.